Online Data Backup Services

Online Data Backup Services.

Data backup is vital to the survival of any company, small or large. Everyone needs some kind of data recovery plan, even if it is simple. Where would you be if you lost your files and email? What if this happened to your entire company? Chances are that this is a scary thought.

We focus on small- and medium-sized businesses assisting with the critical task of data backup. Whether you are limited in IT support or have plenty of it, reliable backup is a difficult task. Our service offers powerful features at prices any business can afford.

Pricing Plans

Our online data backup service has no term commitment whatsoever. We continuously work to improve our service offerings and retain your business!

Monthly service fees are based on two factors:

  • Base Charge (includes regularly scheduled inspections and your first 100 GB of storage) – $120.95 per month
  • Amount of data stored on our servers – $50/GB per month

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Why Computer Springs Online Backup?

  • Human managed backup – All of our backup logs & Server are read through regularly. If something is wrong, we will fix it promptly.
  • Extremely secure – Data is transmitted via 256-bit encryption and optional VPN tunnelling.
  • Fully customizable retention period – You set how long you want data and file modifications saved for.
  • Your first backup could take days, even months, and might never fully complete with some online backup solutions. With us, the first data sync is done the same day you set up the service.
  • Should the need arise, we can restore your data as fast as a hard disk can write and deliver it to your front door.

Let us manage the important task of protecting your company’s valuable data – so that you never become a statistic! Our online remote backup service reliably stores your data in a secure off-site location.