General Computer Maintenance

General Computer Maintenance Tips

  • Empty the Recycle Bin.
  • Run Scandisk Utility. This will check for and repairs problems with the hard drive.
  • Run Disk Defragmenter. This reorganizes your hard drive so that your applications and data load and run faster.
  • Delete all e-mail messages that you do not need.
  • Empty the “Deleted Items” folder in your email program.
  • Delete the Temporary Internet Files and Clear History in your Internet browser.
  • Check for Critical Windows Updates.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware software and keep them updated weekly.
  • Install a pop-up blocker to minimize chances of infecting your computer with malware.
  • Make sure anti-virus software is updated and that it scans your computer daily.
  • Uninstall any programs you do not use, or that have mysteriously appeared on your computer.
  • Use compressed air to clean dust/dirt out of the inside of your PC every few months. Pay particular attention to the cooling fans as they tend to collect the most dust. Be sure to physically disconnect the AC power cord from your computer prior to opening your computer enclosure.
  • Have the computer and equipment plugged into a quality surge protector.

If you need assistance in performing any of these steps, Computer Springs can provide on-site training and provide also installation service for any software or hardware mentioned to keep your computer well-tuned.